The ARS Flag


The flag of the Apostles Revelation Society is very unique. It is so distinctive as to defy human design. It defies, especially, the talents of those in Tadzewu, who started the church. It was designed by God and revealed to Mawu Fe Ame in one of his revelations.

The Flag is draped in red with the globe in the left hand corner attached to a cross, or stake, lying on its side with ARS inscribed vertically and horizontally to form a cross. On top of the globe is a lamb. The globe is situated on an Ewe kingly stool with two swords (atamkayi), another kingly regalia, inscribed on the side of the stool.

The significance of this configuration is profound. The colour red represents the all saving blood of Christ which was shed for the remission of the sins of ourkind. The cross, of course, was that on which he was crucified. The globe represents the earth on which the Kingdom of God will be established. The Lamb is the Lamb of God that took away the sins of the world. The kingly regalia establish the divine rule of Christ.

In composite the flag depicts the Rule of the Lamb of God - The establishment of the Kingdom of God.

It was revealed to Mawu fe Ame with the assurance that God will look kindly on wherever the flag is. His mercy will be towards those who possess it. Like the blood of the Passover Lamb, it is meant to divert the angel of death.

The Anthem

Agoo na Anyigba Silent to the Earth
Agoo na Anyigba Silent to the Earth
Mawu fe gbe Di le Yame be The Voice of God from Heaven said
Miho ketor la fe nuwo da Uproot the things of the Adversary
Miho ketor la fe nuwo da Uproot the things of the Adversary
Dzitor xor efe fiadufe la The Heavenly One assumed His Kingdom
Nusianu ne zi dodui. Let everything be silent before Him.
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