Traditional African Baptismal (Christian) Names

Name Gender Meaning
Ablorde (Male/Female) Freedom
Afeanyetornye (Female) The house is the Lord's
Akorwome (Male) In thine bossom
Akpene (Male/Female) Thanks be to Him
Akpetor (Male) Thank you Lord
Aleawobenenor (Female) As destined
Aseye (Female) Joy
Asiwome (Female) In thine Hands
Avanya (Male) Thou would know
Bubune (Male) Honour to Him
Dela (Male/Female) Saviour
Deladem (Male/Female) Redeemed by the Saviour
Delado (Male) The Saviour emerged
Dodzi (Male) Perservere
Dogbeda (Male/Female) Pray
Dormenyo (Female) Generosity
Dzidedi (Female) Contented
Dzidzor (Male/Female) Happiness
Dzidzorli (Male/Female) There is happiness
Dzidzornyo (Male) Happiness is good
ziedzorm (Male) I was glad
Dzifa (Female) Heart at peace
Dzigbodi (Female) Patience
Dzineli (Female) His praise abounds
Dzorgbenyuie (Female) Fortune
Dzudzonyo (Male) Rest at last
Edem (Male/Female) God redeemed me
Elikem (Male/Female) God established me
Elikplim (Male/Female) God is with me
Elikplimi (Male/Female) God is with us
Elolo (Male) God is great
Elorm (Male) God loves me
Emefa (Female) It is peaceful
Emekor (Female) It is apparent
Enazim (Male) God set me up
Enyo (Female) God is good
Enyonam (Female) It is good
Esegbe (Male) God has heard
Esenee (Female) God hears always
Esiali (Female) This exists
Esinam (Female) God has heard me
Etorkor (Male) Only God's
Etornam (Male) God responded to me
Evenunye (Male/Female) God had mercy on me
Exornam (Female) God saved me
Fafali (Female) Serenity
Fakor (Male/Female) Console
Fakorne (Female) Console him/her
Gae (Female) God is great
Gbemagbe (Male) The Lord's day
Kafui (Male) Praise him
Kedem (Male/Female) Then save me
Klenam (Male) Shine
Koenya (Female) Only He knows
Kplorla (Female) Sherpherd
Kplorm (Male) Guide me
Kpormor (Male) Hope
Lebene (Male/Female) Cherish
Likem (Male/Female) Establish me
Lorlor (Female) Love
Madi ( Male/Female) I will save her/him
Madonudenu (Male) My confidence is in Him
Magava (Male) I shall return
Makafui (Male) I will praise Him
Malike (Male) I will be established
Manorgbe (Male) I shall live
Mawufeasi (Male) God's hand
Mawufemor (Female) God's way
Mawuko (Male/Female) Only God
Mawukoenya (Female) Only God knows
Mawulawoe (Male/Female) God shall perform
Mawuli (Male) There is God
Mawumenyo (Female) It is good to fellowship
Mawunyo (Female) God is good
Mawusi (Female) In God's hand
Mawutor (Male) God's own
Mazi (Female) Silent and waiting on God
Meli (Female) I God exist
Meseseneo (Female) Nothing is impossible for Him
Mesidi (Female) I had prior notice
Midim (Female) Seek me
Mliwomor (Male/Female) Commit thy will unto the Lord
Monorvi (Female) False love
Morkporkpor (Male) Hope
Naminya (Male) Let us know
Nenema (Female) As it should be
Nenor (Female) It should be
Norkplim (Male) God, be with me
Nyakpoo (Male) Calm answer
Nyame (Male) God
Nyamekye (Male) God's Gift
Nyeenyami (Male) I knew THEE
Nyuitor (Female) The best
Sedem (Female) God has redeemed me
Sedenkor (Male) God revealed His name
Sedzoame (Male) God is the creator
Selali (Male/Female) God ,who hears, exists
Selalinam (Male/Female) God ,who hears me, exist
Selasi (Male/Female) God, who hears, heard
Semekornawo (Female) Their God is plain
Semorlevo (Male) God's ways are different
Sena (Male) God gives
Senam (Male) God gave me
Sename (Female) God gives
Senanu (Male) God gave
Senyegbe (Male) Hear my instruction
Senyezi (Male) God is my stool
Seshie (Male) From God
Setsoafia (Male) God has judged
Sitsofe (Male/Female) Refuge
Sosu (Male) Son of God
Tegbee (Female) For ever
Tonyevado (Malw/Female) Mine has arrived
Tornam (Male/Female) God, hear my supplication
Tornyeli (Male/Female) Mine exists
Towordzor (Male) You are innocent
Tsoenamawu (Female) Leave it to God
Tsoene (Female) Leave it to God
Veliane (Female) Companion
Venunye (M/F) Have mercy on me
Woeli (Female) In God I trust
Woelinam (Female) In God I trsust
Worlali (Male/Female) God, the creator
Worlasi (Male) In the hand of the creator
Wovenu (Male) God had mercy on him
Xorlali (Male/Female) The Saviour exists
Xornam (Female) Save me
Xose (Male/Female) Faith
Yehowada (Female)  
Yesuto (Male/Female) Jesus's own
Yingor (Male) Forward
Yomawu (Female) Call on God
Yram (Male) Bless me
Ziordope (Male) A place of rest
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