Founder's Day

Obedience and Sacrifice

Ghanaians and the whole world woke up, the morning of May 22nd 1966, to the news that Christiansborg Castle, the seat of the Government of Ghana was consecrated by Charles Kwabla Nutornuti Wovenu, the founder and Spiritual leader of the Apostles Revelation Society (A.R.S.) The range of feelings was profound. It ranged from joy and vindication to utter anger and hatred. The Christian Council of Ghana served the most vitriolic criticism, not only of the events but also of the Government ignoring it and bringing a "village pastor" to perform such an important national duty. To his supporters this was indeed a validation of the man, and his steadfast traditional African approach to Christian worship.

The Danes built the Christainsborg castle and it served them as a fortress to ward off other colonialists of the time. It became the principal place where majority of slaves was exported abroad. Since Independence it has become the seat of Government. When General Ankrah became Head of State of Ghana and Chairman of the National Liberation Council (N.L.C), he deemed it necessary that the castle be dedicated, and spiritually cleansed before it could serve its role more effectively. To him the only person with the credential to do the job was C.K.N. Wovenu.

The history behind the National Liberation Council (N.L.C.) was not known to many. Few knew that Wovenu had foretold the cataclysmic events of 24th February 1966; the day the powerful government of Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown

This is how the story went. General Ankrah, one of the most trusted of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's men was fired from office for no reason. He was devastated and sought spiritual counseling. He came to Tadzewu and consulted with Wovenu. After a serious prayer session he was informed that he was going to be the next head of state of Ghana. His expulsion from the Ghana Army was the work of Providence, designed to insulate him from what was going to happen in Ghana. Ankrah was dumfounded.

At the height of Kwame Nkrumah's rule Ghanaians had come to accept the fact that "Kwame Nkrumah never dies -He forever lives" Ankrah was no exception, but he believed Wovenu and went through further prayer sessions to be prepared for what was to happen. We do not know if he was told in plain terms what was to happen. We do know that Wovenu knew that on 24th of February 1966 Kwame Nkrumah's rule of Ghana was going to cease.

He had prophesied to Kwame Nkrumah when he was incarcerated at the Ussher Fort Prisons in 1951. He was also advised about what to do to avoid the events of February 1966 at that encounter at Ussher Fort. When he came to power he lost sight of his God, and sought protection from other things, and did not heed the advice he had been given.

The coup of February occurred as prophesied, and catapulted Ankrah from unemployment to Head of State. Unlike Kwame Nkrumah he remembered his roots and kept in touch with Wovenu.

The consecration of the castle was, therefore, one of the spiritual rituals that Wovenu had performed at his bidding. There was so much uproar that Wovenu did not perform any other public ritual at the national scene. It is important to know that most heads of state of Ghana knew him, and consulted him liberally for advice and spiritual protection.

In passing, it is significant to know that not too long after the dedication there was an insurrection by a few disgruntled officers of the Ghana Army. They came from the Recce regiment at Ho and launched an almost successful armed campaign to overthrow the government. The Christianborg castle sustained heavy bombardment, but the Head of State, General Ankrah, was unscathed. Flagstaff house, which was the Army headquarters, fell into the hand of these insurgents like a pack of cards. The then Army Commander and other top military officers lost their lives.

Today there is a chapel built inside the Castle to serve as a place of worship and prayer to those who live in or work there. Wovenu laid the foundation, and supervised its construction. This was one of the acts depicting Ankrah's dedication and willingness to submit himself to the will of God. Let us note that most of the principal players in post 1966 coup died through the barrel of the gun-by firing squad. When he was forced out of the NLC he retired but lived to a ripe old age, and died a natural death. This was through the spiritual guidance and advice of Wovenu.
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