The Important Periods: Weigh It


This booklet is an announcement to members of the revelation Society from the Lord's message, which came to his servant, Wovenu on August 25, 1963 concerning the evil days [days of temptation], which will set in. The revelation came as an instruction from the Lord Jesus to members of the Society or Christians that they should not fall into temptations through the time, many people have the wrist watch. I am advising every member of the society to try and use this booklet every day for his won steadfastness in Christ.

My kind regards to the family of saints.

Mawu Fe ame C.K.N. Wovenu

New Tadzewu

August 27, 1963


Wovenu, it is l, your Redeemer, speaking to you. My message is that wherever you are standing or sitting, whatever you are seeing or hearing, let your observations and what you hear in those places be in accordance with God's measuring tape. This means take the measuring tape, which is God's laws and ordinances and use it to measure those things you have seen or heard to see if they measure up or are in agreement or not. Let your people and the Society know of this things very message. This measuring tape should be a wristwatch on the wrist of everyone under the sun. For l have seen the spirit of temptation which has broken loose like a goat from its restraining rope and everyone who does not put on this measuring wrist watch will become a sudden victim and culprit at once. Therefore write a booklet on this message and put the design of a measuring tape or a measuring scale on it. Everyone without exception, present on that day should see to obtain and keep a copy, so that the period of temptation or the harmattan wind of temptation imminent or passing should not break the fence around you and your people. Choose the name of the booklet from these: test it and weigh it. Its contents should be brief and its price low. As salt is an essential mineral but its price is low, so should the price of the booklet be so that everyone aspiring after spiritual life should be able to buy and read. Thanks.


Man's adversary, Satan, is every day and every second roaming through every nook and corner of the world seeking people to destroy. It is he who has mad himself a wild animal prowling for the sons of men to damage mercilessly.
Read 1 Peter5: 8

Even in the presence of Christ himself, this wicked enemy, Satan, comes and hides to destroy mercilessly those whose souls are being guarded. One day, Satan came and hid himself for the disciples of the Lord and aimed at some important ones amongst them in order to let their faith falter under all circumstances but the Lord saw him and so warned that particular disciples to be vigilant and steadfast. Luke 22: 31-32. Yes, so it is always that no one should ever think that he is free from this world war or crusade. The slight unguardedness can cause the fall from grace like the pebble that drops to the bottom of a river and is lost. As the voice of the vigilant one, Christ, resounded in the ears of Peter on that day, so is the voice of He who is the guardian of our souls resounding to you and me to warn of this crusade. The scripture says that whosoever thinks as a means to accuse you." 
Matt. 26:46


The Lord, according to his revelation, has given us a measuring tape or a weighing scale with which we should deliver ourselves from the hands of this enemy. To my understanding, the scale and measuring tape mean the laws and ordinances, which God has established for use in this world of his because it is He who has created the world and the myriad of things therein; and, it is He who has permitted the approach to and use of each of them; there is nothing existing without Him. In the end, God raised up his hands and blessed everything to be just as it pleased Him to create it. For this reason, the Lord Jesus clearly explained the secret word and the mighty power daily shaking the earth and the heaven to his disciples through the prayer he taught them.


"Our Father who art in the heavens, Thy will be done on earth," is not a mere statement. It is power and words, which God has sent out on an errand: A command given to the world, words or power, which he has sent to the whole world. It is only the will of God, which will stand the heat of the sun, the moon, nights and days of this world so that anything, which issues or is sounding without it, is entirely consumed by the fires of these powers. The Lord, through his love, revealed this to his disciples. This is why he has inserted the statement in the first of the four sections of his prayer. The inclusion of the statement in the first section of the prayer shows us its unchangeable truth.


This statement is God's great power, which is like a tornado or a great storm. This statement is the power removing everything, which is in existence without the will of God. The very statement is the scale or balance for all, servants of God in the heavens or on the earth which guides them from acting amiss; because if anything worth doing is weighed with the will of God and is found to be well balanced, then no error or evil ensues. This very statement is the protection of all children of God.


While the Lord spoke to Mawu fe Ame on August 25, he informed him that the spirits that entice people to commit mistakes or sin are let loose in the world like goats and dogs meaning that certain things will cause every kind of person to be so offended that they will enter the traps of Satan, the cunning devil. For this reason, he advised that whatever is heard or seen, though or imagined or everything that enters a man should be weighed with the established ordinances of God to see if they are in accordance with the will of God. It is advisable to weigh everything—speech, action, gait, thought, sight, hearing, drinking or every other wish with the laws and ordinances if god and leave at once that which is contrary to them. Now, if a person does not exercise patience at this time, if he does not wait and measure or weigh his action carefully, he will fall into temptation, commit an error under all circumstances and the enemy, will arrest and enslave him and destroy him completely. Therefore, I am advising whoever has any wish to put it before one, two or three persons for their counsel about it for a good choice, which will guard him from making a mistake or committing sins.


The Lord told his servants that the weighing or testing of things with the will of God or with his laws and ordinances should be like a wrist watch on the wrist of the living always.


From the day Satan and his servants were cast out of heaven up to this day, they began waging the war of temptation with everyone who worships God. The enemy through this warfare has gathered many people unto himself whom he reports daily.


As often as the children of God are using this power, it will be beneficial to them not only in the enemy's war against them but their continuous weighing will lead them into every path of peace because the traitor will not find any charge to prefer against them to render them sleepless. Above all, it prospers them in all their undertakings in life. They prosper and live in peace everywhere they are because there is no report or stain about any of their possessions.


Howbeit, l think that whosoever wishes to escape this evil war, needs a serious study of these words through the reading of this booklet; and, besides this, everyone should pray always so that the spirit of God should be at his side like a light placed on a lampstand in the dark.

May the blessing of God abide with you all in the name of our loving Lord Jesus Christ.

Mawu Fe Ame C.K.N. Wovenu
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