Jehovah's Anointed Ones

Jehovah has great love and concern for his anointed ones, and watches carefully over them.
1 Chron. 16:22; Ps. 2: 2-5; Ps. 105: 15

David recognized that God was the one who chose and appointed his anointed ones and that it was god who would judge them.  To raise one's hand to do harm to Jehovah's anointed ones or any one whom he appointed would bring Jehovah's displeasure.
1 Sam. 24: 6-7; Sam. 26: 11&23

Jehovah's anointed ones are forbidden to consult diviners, sorcerers and soothsayers. An anointed one who violates this moral rule faces death or ruin.
1 Chron. 10:12

An anointed one must eschew jealousy, greediness, cheating, stealing, fortune hunting and must not appear to be one whose needs are never satisfied and always crying for more and more.
Prov. 30:15-16

Relationship between anointed ones and Jehovah must be hearty, sincere and warm because God the Creator has firmly confirmed his watching over the anointed ones. Indeed Jehovah has been pleading his anointed ones' cause and will continue to do so always.

In the Court of Law, Jehovah shall condemn the persons who stand-up against Jehovah's anointed ones, and shall rebut every charge brought against them.

No weapon made by opponents to harm anointed ones shall prevail, because God created the smith and also created the destroyer to lay waste.
Read Isaiah 54:15-17
Thus god Jehovah's power guides and leads His anointed ones.

It is certainly not in vain, that there are in existence Jehovah's anointed ones and Prophets who are appointed while they were in their mother's wombs.
Jer. 1:5&10

Emphatically, Prophets and Anointed Ones are not appointed in broad daylight. They are selected before they are born.

People do feel envy of Prophets because God exercises His power to work miracles through them. King Ahab was jealous of Nabot on account of his vast vineyard. Read 1 Kings 21: 1-4
So, also, many a man are jealous of Prophets, simply because they are the intermediaries between god and mankind.

People think that the numerous salvation seekers who consult prophets donate colossal sums of money to these God's messengers. Consequently, some people arrogate to themselves the title of Prophets, even though they are ordinary men who have neither been appointed nor commissioned when they were in their mother's womb. Satan, therefore, has been craftily reveling things to them, and unknowingly, wont to accept such revelations to have come from God, Himself. Sadly  enough their followers share the same belief.

Some members of the A.R.S. Church have taken to their ways of life, because they are jealous of Wovenu.

Saul, Jehovah's anointed one, envied David, intensely to the extent that waged war against David.
1 Sam. 18:6-9, 11

It is no joke if Jehovah's anointed person turns up to be something else. It is, indeed, frightening. I must, therefore, give a piece of advice to such people, while l am still alive, that they must make haste and mend their ways before it is too late for them to do so.

Prophets are appointed while they are in their mothers' womb, and are endowed with peculiar spiritual powers. They, courageously admonish without favour.
II Sam. 12: 1-2

I have lived to a ripe old age, and l do not know when l shall be called home to eternity by my maker. I am greatly troubled about members of the Church of A.R.Society, who are yet to be anointed.

What man shall live and not see death?
Read Ps. 89:49

Since l am aware of the fact that there will be a day when l shall be no more, my concern for members of the A.R.S. Church who are called by His grace, is therefore, paramount that if the Lord would spare my life, l shall endeavour to anoint then in the Name of God, Jehovah.

Likewise, I am inclined to anoint Christians of other religious denominations who are willing to be anointed, in order that, we shall all, harmoniously, be under the protective care of God, our creator. For, satan and his hose are trembling with rage to ruin or, harm us. However, Jehovah will fight for His anointed ones and save them from all evil.

Those who are desirous to be anointed shall be lectured for about half a day on the subject of anointing Christians. Therefore, would-be candidates for holy anointing are well advised to make the necessary provision for a day's stay at Tadzewu.

All the people who violate god's law relating to holy anointment must make haste and present themselves for sanctification and fresh anointing.

It is taken for granted that you will be greatly perturbed when you read the following scriptures:-

 I Sam. 24: 11

 I Sam. 26: 9-11

 2 Sam. 1: 14-16
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