C.K.N. Wovenu
New Tadzewu
December 1998

Obedience in accordance with God's command invariably results in the fulfillment of our requirements. In this way, we do achieve far more from God than we could have through our own struggle.

The disobeying of God's commandments, declarations, ordinances and statues is not merely transgression against divine order, but indeed an abomination.

Any act of disobedience to God is worse than the practicing of divination and worshipping of idols. Neither the blood of ox nor billy goat could ever  wash away your sins in your lifetime and the life hereafter.

 In 1 Sam. 15:22, the prophet Samuel posed the question, "Does the Lord desire offerings and sacrifices as he desires obedience? Look, "To obey is better than sacrifice and to listen to Him than the fat of rams.

"This is the end of the matter: you have heard it all. Fear God and obey his commandments; there is no more to man than this. For, God brings everything we do to judgment; and every secret, whether good or bad."
Eccl. 12; 13-14

The Apostle Paul in his letter to Timothy emphasized that godliness with contentment is great gain.
1 Tim. 6: 6

God Jehovah does not feel contented with people who commit sins or do not observe His commandments.

If a person is pleasing in the sight of God, He completely satisfies that person with all his or her requirements. Such a person does indeed observe God's commandments, ordinances, and statutes to the letter.

However, if God Jehovah who created us does not feel contented with us, we surely become destitute and devoid of His blessings. Should such persons even use dubious means to obtain riches, he or she stands to forfeit it all and will never regain it.

The biblical King Saul completely lost not only his kingship but also his greatness and high status and finally he died confusedly.

As it was with King Saul so will it be with all and sundry.

History reveals how many a noble or great men; kings giant associations have completely disappeared into oblivion.

God Jehovah ordained the Ten Commandments and has been urging to obey them in order to certainly make this world a paradise.

God, the Creator declared thus: Six things the Lord hates, yes, seven things are detestable to him. And these are: - a proud eye, a false tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a hear that forges thoughts of mischief, and feet that run swiftly to do evil; a false witness telling a pack of lies and one who stirs up quarrels between brothers.
Prov. 6: 16-19

Who can conjecture that the things god his creator hates or detests, he will be able to do them and get deliverance from sin? If any person contemplates to do the things God hates and receives blessings or spiritual redemption, that person must be of disordered mind, insane.

Even now a days at the high work places and among the Professionals, people vie for higher posts or promotions, regardless of keeping God's commandments. Therefore they will never attain their objectives. Seeking for promotion while acting in a disobedient manner debars them from attaining the good fortune they are badly in need of, because God the Creator is simply holding them up to ridicule.

If a person is in a contented state, fabulously rich, not at all in need, but his behavior is very bad or he does some of the things the Lord hates, he will invariably be heading for ruin and he himself will be unaware exactly when or how disaster strike him.

Oh! Grandfathers and Grandmothers, young men, young women and children, do not seek for vain glories. Rather, you must persevere hard to do God's will in all respects. Do not be frightened and neglects this precious word. "obedience" for it is worthwhile for you as an individual and in society generally.

Do not deceive each other. Do not commit adultery. Do not have sexual affair with your neighbor's wife. Young men and women must desist having sexual affair unto they properly married.

Employees should not cheat on their employers and colleagues, since such acts do not bring any blessing.

Married couples should enrich their love for each other by remaining truthful. Their relationship should be devoid of wickedness and deceit and should always forgive one another.

Children should obey their parents as decreed by the Lord.

When a person sins against his neighbor and shows remorse, then that neighbor should forgive that person.

All should put aside anxiety and be guided by humility. Employees should work very hard at their jobs and should not hold their neighbors in hatred for the sun to set over it.

No one should take away anything that does not belong to him without the permission to do so. Those who disregard this piece of advice would not be able to escape the Lord's sanction.

Everyone should endeavor to eschew evil, as this would prevent diseases among the people.
Ex. 15:26

Do not eat anything that the Lord does not approve of, either carcass or blood.

Pray incessantly, seize the initiative yourself. You do not require anyone to prompt you to go where you could seek blessings.

Oh, Nations! The Lord's beloved Nation, be attentive, open your eyes and observe this wide field. God the Creator does not make provision for any sacrifice of atonement that would forestall punishment for the disobedient.

Ah! Recall the cordial relationship between the prophet Moses and God. Which of you is of the opinion that if Moses had sinned would be forgiven?

God instructed Moses to assemble the Nation and to acknowledge before them that all water belongs to Him (God) before striking the rock with the rod. Moses however, did not comply this instruction. God queried Moses why he did not acknowledge His ownership of the water before the people. In consequence, He asked Moses to climb a mountain and survey the Promised Land, but that he would never set foot there.
Deut. 3:27

God's pronouncements that day, no doubt are still relevant and valid for us today, He does discriminate. If God were partial through the provision of atonement sacrifice, Moses would have been a beneficiary. You are thus entreated to obey and conform to the ordinances that the Lord has given you.

Members of the Church and employees must be obedient to their respective masters.

Obedience is like a string that rakes in fortunes for man during his lifetime.

There is no sacrifice that atones for insubordination or disrespect for authority.

Refusing to play the game according to the rules could cause serious disruption and eventual sanctions.

Some self-conceited persons flout rules and regulations with contempt. Do consider the Lord's creation of the Sun and the Moon. They daily follow the course that the Lord has designated for them. Any one who surrounds himself with a fence of obedience becomes a symbol of beauty that surpasses gold and silver.

God wants obedience to reign supreme in the world that He created. Workers should therefore submit to their superiors like servants to their masters. Obedience could transform them and make tem shine as the sun does.

Anyone who does not make the effort to understand and conform accordingly would spell his or her own doom. In the course of constructing the Ark of the Covenant, God decreed that unauthorized persons should not handle it. Uzzah, however handle it and was instantly killed by God.
1 Chron. 13:9-10

The sons of Aaron, Nadab and Abihu were consumed by fire because they presented unlawful fire, which the Lord had not prescribed for them.
Lev. 10: 1-2

Again, God decreed that persons not assigned to do specified jobs in the Ministry must restrain themselves from doing so.
Numb. 4:17-20

Oh you, the nation of God, take note and heed the good counsel of Ecclesiastes 12: 13.

I wish you all the Season's blessings. If it pleases God the Creator, we shall meet again, if not in this world, then the world hereafter.

May the Lord abide with you, l wish you all a Merry X'mas and a prosperous new year.

Please do enjoy your stay---


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