Prophets do play a vital role in maintaining true worship. Their activity served as a check on the Kings of Israel and Judah, for they boldly reproved erring rulers. 2 Sam. 12: 1-12
and declared God's judgments against those who practiced wickedness.
1 Kings 14: 1-16; 1 Kings 16: 1- 7, 12

When the Priesthood deviated and suffered corruption, the Prophets were Jehovah's means for strengthening the faith of a righteous remnant and for pointing the way back to God's favour for those who had strayed. Like Moses, Prophets on many occasions acted as intercessors, praying to god on behalf of Kings and people
Deut. 9:18-29
Compare Jer. 7:16; 14:11-12

They  gave hope for the future, as at times their messages fortold the blessings of Messiah's government. In this way, they benefited not only those then living but future generations down to our day.
1 Peter 1:10-12
Yet in doing this, they endured great reproach, mockings and even physical mistreatment.
2 Chron.36: 15-16; Jer. 7: 25-26; Heb. 11: 32-38

Those receiving then favourably, however, were blessed with spiritual and other benefits.
I Kings 17: 8-24; 2 Kings4: 8-37
Compare Mathew 10:41
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